planningtorock was born in UK and is currently living in Berlin. The alter ego of multi-instrumentalist, programmer, videographer Jam Rostron, planningtorock fuses all of these approaches into a performative audio-visual presentation that borrows from classical music, glam rock, spacey imagery, and hip-hop. planningtorock’s persona emerged in 2002, when they began performing in the nightclubs of Berlin. Having released three full-length albums to date – Have It All (Chicks on Speed, 2006), Tomorrow, In a Year (Brille/Mute/Rabid, 2010), W (DFA, 2011) and All Love’s Legal (Human Level Recordings, 2014) – planningtorock has been featured in a variety of media, continues to tour and perform extensively and is currently working on their forthcoming release.

Location: Prelude