Olga Balema

Olga Balema gimė 1984 m. Lvove, Ukrainoje, šiuo metu gyvena Niujorke. Ji baigė meno magistro studijas Kalifornijos universitete Los Andžele ir buvo rezidentė „Rijksakademie“ Amsterdame bei Skowhegan tapybos ir skulptūros mokykloje JAV. Naujausios jos solo parodos buvo surengtos tokiose institucijose kaip Šveicarų institutas Niujorke, „Kunstverein Nürnberg“ Niurnberge, „CAPRI“ Diuseldorfe, „Kunstvereniging Diepenheim“ Diepenheime bei „1646“ Hagoje. Šiuo metu ji yra nominuota Paulo Cunha ir Silva meno prizui.

Location: Vilnius
Olga Balema Motherfucker 2016 Map, latex, pigment, acrylic paint 73 x 110 x 12 cm Courtesy the artist and Galerie Fons Welters
Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij

A trio of battered maps, the type often found in schoolrooms, hang off a wall; their surfaces covered with pigment and latex, disembodied breasts – also cast in latex – scattered here and there, despondently drooping off of them. The titles alone – Motherfucker, Everybody and their mother and Failure is the mother of success (all works 2016) – seethe venom and sarcasm, the nurturing figure of the mother earth here reduced to a repetitive series of cancerous-looking, wrinkled protuberances. In Failure is the mother of success, an abstract, geometric orange form is incised back into the surface of the support. It could easily be of the artist’s own imagining, lines that demarcate and are just as arbitrary as those on the source image: segments of the earth chopped up and partitioned, founded on the urge of power and desire but claimed as fact. While bodies – whether political, institutional or biological – proliferate across Olga Balema’s works, in the works presented at BT13, it is the remnants of the mother figure, their name spent and exhausted in vain, that clings on.

Anya Harrison